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The first impression is usually a picture: show who you are and what you are about! Dirk Lässig produces photos for small social media campaigns or large-format posters, business portraits and team photos of a company’s employees. company. He creates company portraits, documents innovations and events. Authentic. Close. Multifaceted. Style-defining.

Dirk Lässig has been a professional photographer in Germany and Europe since 1996. He has a trained eye and over 20 years of professional experience. His clients include the advertising agency Scholz & Friends, the Axel Springer publishing house and the Swiss national football team. He has photographed celebrities for advertising campaigns such as Ralf Möller, Uschi Diesl and Axel Prahl as well as for the daily newspaper B.Z.. His pictures were awarded the IF Design Award.

Together with his clients, he develops a company’s visual language and produces photos for a new corporate design. and produces photos for a new corporate design – brand-defining and striking motifs for advertisements advertisements, posters or company brochures. He designs title and head motifs that are open, inviting, surprising, lively and approachable, offering exciting perspectives and promote the image of a company.


Dirk Lässig
Bundesallee 63
12161 Berlin

Tel.:  +49172 3112833